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Flying high: expertise for aeroplane construction

Aviation is a technology industry that operates with extremely strict quality and safety standards. Accordingly, companies of the aviation industry demand from their service providers a high level of materials expertise and compliance with minimal production tolerances.


The GPE Group has been a supplier of the aviation industry for many years and produces components and modules from plastic and metal for renowned companies from the aviation industry. The range extends from torch holders to aluminium modules for emergency ventilation for pilots and passengers. It also includes assembly activities such as soldering oxygen-carrying metal lines with the highest requirements of being absolutely free from oil and fat.


Below is a small extract from the GPE Group's extensive production range.



For passenger protection in aviation, the GPE Group produces components 
and housing for emergency ventilation in the event of a loss of pressure in the cabin.


Sanitary Units

In order to improve the quality of life in our customers' products, the GPE Group produces parts and modules for the toilet segments in aeroplane construction, which set standards with regard to their weight optimisation, design and their recognised high reliability.



In an emergency, every second counts. The GPE Group produces torch components from fluorescent, light and self-extinguishing materials for renowned global groups of the aviation industry, such as Lufthansa.