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EXPERTISE ON THE FAST LANE: GPE for automotive construction

For decades, the GPE Group has been able to count renowned groups from the automotive supplier industry among its core of customers and produces a wide range of injection mould parts and system components
such as air cushion pistons, vehicle insulation mats, lock systems, wiper arms and accessories. 


The GPE Group can look back at many years of experience in the production of prototypes from metal for
seat consoles, belt systems, headrest ventilation and door locks, as well as from plastic as a substitute for
boot locking systems and door locks. In the process, X-ray contrast-capable plastics are also used for production in order to be able to identify material errors in the interior of the modules at the customer's premises without disassembly or destruction of the individual components.


Below is a small extract from the GPE Group's extensive production range.

Case Automobil


Housing for sliding door lock systems


Helical 2K impulse wheels for lock systems


Glass fibre reinforced plastic components for fluid and thermosystems


Glass fibre reinforced plastic connector components with metal contact inserts


    Strut bearing and vibration damper components


      Components and modules in headlights: Guide block for height adjustment, holding body, bevel gear, control stalk, adjustment screw


        Various wiper arms and components


          2K glass fibre reinforced plastic components for rear seat bench locking system


            Various licence plate brackets