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Highest standards in
metal & sheet metal working

An extensive portfolio of manufacturing processes is available to you in our core area of expertise, metal and sheet metal working.

  • cutting (boring, turning, cutting, grinding, sawing, reaming, engraving, etc.) 

  • non-cutting (bending, imprinting, punching, embossing, stamping, nibbling, trimming, pulling, pushing, etc.) 

  • dissipating (laser cutting, cutting, desoldering)

  • connecting (welding, soldering, adhering, riveting,
    tox clinching, etc.)

  • Heat treatment (annealing, hardening, quenching, burning)

  • Cleaning and/or Coating (various galvanising
    and varnishing procedures)

Common sheet thicknesses of between 0.2mm and 8mm of steel, up to 6mm stainless steel and up to 4mm aluminium, are processed and fabricated in the GPE Group.


From procurement to fabrication and finishing to assembly and subsequent packaging and logistics, we can help our customers in every process step and contribute to the satisfaction of all involved.


Our fine mechanics department – which can look back at more than 100 years of history and experience
in processing a wide variety of materials – are available to customers of the GPE Group for complex turned and cut parts in the areas of small-scale production and for prototype constructions.


  • Steels (low and highly alloyed, stainless)
  • Brass (CuZn)
  • Aluminium
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Bronzes
  • German silver
  • Plastic (with and without glass fibre, coal fibre, PTFE)