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Plastic AND silicone injection moulding

The GPE Group has more than 85 injection moulding machines with closing forces of between 62kN and 5,000kN. Our material expertise extends across a wide variety of thermoplastics, duroplasts and elastomers. We can offer you a wide range, from standard thermoplastics for use in normal temperatures of < 80°C to high-performance materials that maintain their properties in extreme temperatures of > 420°C.


Thanks to its materials expertise, the GPE Group can formulate materials suitable to requirements for special uses.


Of course, we as a system supplier are happy to offer you the assembly, packaging and logistics of the finished plastic parts.


Our ERP system and a graphic control stand ensure a smooth production process and as well as deadline-compliant and reliable execution of our customer orders.


  • The technically most modern plastic and silicone injection moulding machines, peripheral systems (PDA, PDE, QA, dryers, conveyor systems and handling).

  • Multi-component injection moulding procedures

  • Hybrid technology

  • In-mould laminating

  • Part weights from 0.04g to 5,000g

  • Silicone shot weights of solid and liquid silicone 3g to 210g

  • Micro injection moulding from 0.04g to 2.5g

  • Cleanroom production up to class 7 in accordance
    with DIN EN ISO 14644-1


A wide variety of automated pick-up and place-down linear robots with a driving and rigid x-axis.

Multi-purpose tools

If the item size and material requirements allow it, multi-purpose tools with up to X moulding cavities are used for maximum economic efficiency.

Conveyor systems

Various conveyor belt systems
are used for the rest and cooling-down phase after the injection moulding.


A wide range of surface finishing
of the plastic and silicone items produced, from tempering,
cutting and fettling to adhering, hot and inductive mounting, ultrasound welding, printing and laser marking.