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Our purchasing strategy is orientated towards the economic requirements identified by us. Here, it is a matter of course, that with our partners we focus on the long-term mutual economic benefit. Our objective here is to meet the rising technological quality standards of our customers. The GPE Group focuses on cooperation and on partnership-based, continuous improvement of processes within the meaning of ISO 9001 for the safety, industrial and aeronautics sectors, ISO 13485 for the medical sector and ISO 16949 for the automotive industry. For this reason, we prefer suppliers whose corporate philosophy corresponds to ours. Our success is based on openness, trust, calculability and the reliability of our products. The business with the many parts as per drawing specially produced for us does not always work straight away.


Cooperation with a supplier that cannot identify with our standards of quality will not be possible. Long-term partnerships with companies specialised in special parts as per drawing allow the best-possible development status of all components. We can thus ensure high-level fabrication with a low level of wastefulness with optimum prices for our customers and the greatest-possible success for the partners involved.


Together with you, we aim for optimum quality and efficiency