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Current progress at GPE in simultaneous engineering

Since the beginning of 2016, 3D printing utilizing different methods (FDM and inkjet) is used at GPE-Plast Engineering GmbH in Neumünster. The objective: "Producing mould inserts, first prototypes as well as close-to-production small batch series inexpensive and fast for customer projects."


3D printing is the future.


Since 2016, GPE-Plast Engineering GmbH has another 3D printer which allows high-resolution printing up to 15 µm. Depending on the requirements of the item to be printed, standard model material, high-temperature model material (specifically for mould inserts) and water-soluble support material are currently available. Additional materials are under development.


The range of GPE-Plast Engineering GmbH's competence in product development and design is now complete with the use of the 3D scanner technology. By now reverse engineering has become an indispensable and increasingly widespread method for building a 3D model of components for which no CAD data is available yet.


Several mould inserts have already been constructed and produced for a renowned customer in the automotive industry sector for safety systems on the basis of the 3D printing method. Since the samples were manufactured directly in the material intended for the series, the samples themselves could be used for tests.


The advantages of using printed mould inserts and parts:


• Fast production time

• Use and sampling of the planned series material

• Easy, inexpensive tool adjustments


In future, more and more prototypes and small batch series with printed mould inserts will be available for our customers – inexpensive and fast.

Further development will lead to hybrid technology where we combine steel and plastic inserts for the use in a tool. The GPE Group will be able to offer its customers the right fitting, fastest and most cost-efficient technology thanks to its further R&D activities.


For more informations, please do not hesitate to contact us, the team of the GPE Group,


Various mould inserts and cores were produced with a high-resolution inject printer. The illustration shows prototypes manufactured with materials requested by the customer.