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Surface treatment & finishing

The GPE Group offers an extensive range of surface technology for a wide variety of applications for customised ideal solutions:


From the common main processes of galvanisation to pickling and burning, blasting, grinding and polishing, a wide variety of varnishing processes, film coatings, in-mould painting and film reverse ejection moulding, with us you will find the suitable solution for your products.


From the usual printing processes found on the market such
as the pad printing process, laser marking and ink-jet printing to customised solutions.

Electropolishing processes

With electrolytes specially tailored to the respective metal to be processed.


Depending on the item and customer requirements, the GPE Group can implement a wide variety of industrial varnishings, from wet to powder varnishes.

Polishing, grinding, blasting

The GPE Group can offer its customers a wide technology portfolio in a wide variety of polishing, grinding and blasting processes for surface treatment.


The GPE Group can implement the complete portfolio of galvanic finishing of non-precious metals in a customer-specific manner.