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The GPE Group is an mid-sized and internationally oriented group. With our Europe-wide companies, we produce as a component and system supplier simple parts to highly complex modules and systems for the medical technology, as well as for other industries like safety, aviation, the automotive industry, industrial and consumer goods industries.


Established in 1949, the GPE Group with approximately 750 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of more than 85 million euros today stands for precise, highly complex and innovative plastic, silicone, cable- and sensor systems, metal and sheet metal system solutions as well as optional installation, packaging and tailored logistics solutions.


Smooth supply chain

As a system partner, our objective is to complement our customers' service portfolio on a sustained basis through value and quality-orientated, smooth integration into the supply chain. An important part of this is
our internationally aligned supplier management, which enables us to implement competitive prices for customer-specific requirements. Aspects ranging from the purchase of tools from Asia to the procurement
of raw materials on the international raw material markets are part of the GPE Group's everyday work and
give our customers the opportunity to assert themselves in international competition.


Widely scalable range of services

The GPE Group is made up of GPE Plast Engineering GmbH,  GPE Systeme GmbH, GPE InPlast GmbH, NICOLAY GmbH, SENSOCAB Kabelproduktion GmbH, IMPETUS Plastics Engineering GmbH and Multicon GmbH & Co. KG.


From this group of companies, we bundle a wide range of expertise so as to be able to offer you services in
the development, project planning, assemblage, testing and documentation of customer-specific, high-quality complete modules, complex modules and individual parts, as well as our cooperative links with sub-suppliers, logistics services solutions and the use of trend-setting technology.


The high standards of quality
the GPE Group sets of its QM system are justified by customer requirements and the industries
in which it operates. The products and systems produced for our customers have a chiefly direct impact on wellbeing and the safety of human life and are aimed at improving quality of life.



The GPE Group is an system supplier. As a component and system supplier for the medtech industry we emphasize offering comprehensive and integrated services for our customers. Based on our proven and unique expertise in the engineering, selection of materials and the assembly we are your contact number one. With our efforts we are focused every day on the safety and quality to improve professional patient care and by this protecting human life.


The GPE Group pursues the objective belonging to Europe's top system and component suppliers for the medtech industry. For our customers we are the partner for individual system solutions, from subassemblies through modules to finished end devices, where the smart handling of a wide variety of materials is crucial. Hence we are the first point of contact to our customers regarding all aspects of new product development throughout the assembly of finished medical devices.


Engineering meets Evolution:
even after more than 70 years,
the search for "new paths" and innovations is the driving force and a permanent component of our active corporate culture.

General principles:

We seek and recognise new trends on the markets and
support companies with new
ideas and products.


Across all levels and production steps, professionalism, Hanseatic entrepreneurship and flexibility are the leading motives that determine our daily actions in
the GPE Group. This is also reflected in our Code of Conduct.


  • Sales of more than EUR 85 million  
  • Component supplier and long-term system partner for more than 70 years
  • Companies across Europe in Neumünster, Dassow, Nagold, Aachen, Seebach, Târgu Mureș (Romania)
  • More than 37.200 m² of state-of-the-art production areas
  • More than 750 employees with extensive expertise in leading production technology


  • 2020 IMPETUS Plastics Engineering GmbH becomes part of the GPE Group
  • 2020 NICOLAY Group including SENSOCAB Kabelproduktion GmbH becomes part of the GPE Group
  • 2019 New ownership structure and management after the company sale and retire of Edwin Kloppstech
  • 2019 Move of the metal production department from Lübeck to Dassow
  • 2018 Reconstruction and expansion of the plant in Dassow to more than 10.000 sqm 
  • 2013 Entry into the field of telemedicine
  • 2010 Move of GPE InPlast GmbH and GPE Systeme GmbH from Lübeck to Dassow
  • 2009 Acquisition of a production unit of Nier GmbH in Lübeck and renaming to GPE Metal Components GmbH
    including GPE Feinmechanik GmbH
  • 2008 Acquisition of Multicon GmbH Seebach and renaming to Multicon GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2005 Establishment of GPE Engineering GmbH, Lübeck
  • 2004 Acquisition of a sub-unit of Dräger Protec and renaming to GPE-Systems GmbH
  • 2003 Acquisition of Dräger InPlast GmbH Lübeck and renaming to GPE-InPlast GmbH
  • 1990 Relocation of the company headquarters from Quickborn to Neumünster
  • 1988 Acquisition and renaming to GPE Ganderke Plast Engineering GmbH by Edwin Kloppstech
  • 1955 Move to Quickborn, near Hamburg
  • 1949 Establishment of the Jalei fountain pen factory by the Ganderke Brothers in Hamburg


Global impact

The products and services produced at our companies and production sites across Europe are used globally, both directly by users and in the production of other complex products.



The high standards of quality the GPE Group sets of its system are justified by customer requirements and the industries in which it operates.
The products and systems produced for our customers have a chiefly direct impact on wellbeing and the safety of human life and are aimed at improving quality of life.


The quality management system anchored and used in the GPE Group is one of the most important instruments for the operational processes
and puts these to the test. For this reason, the quality management system impacts significantly on the structure of the organisation so as to enable
it to understand customer requirements, avoid errors and identify potential for improvement so as thus to achieve the GPE Group's objectives
and improve continuously. By means of the four pillars of quality management: quality planning, quality control, quality assessment and certifications, for example:

• DIN EN ISO 9001
• DIN EN ISO 13485

• VDA 6.1
• CAQ System
• FDA registration in the pipeline,


the GPE Group ensures the quality standards at its premises.


Our quality assurance covers the entire spectrum, from goods receipt to the production line to the final equipment inspection and goods issue. In order to safeguard the customer-orientated quality principles for the long-term, we focus vigorously on sophisticated production processes, supported by the most modern measuring and monitoring technology.

Item measurement


  •  Coordinates measurement
  • Tactile measurement (dimensional measurement, shape measurement; surface measurement)
  • Optical measurement 

conventional measuring technology 


  • Surface measuring technology
  • Colour tests (colour spectrometer)
  • Surface tension
  • Rugosity measurement 

other testing technology


  • Materials tests
  • Thickness tests
  • Fatigue / reliability tests
  • Density tests and much more

Sustainability & protection of resources 

As a production company, we are conscious of the impact of our business activity on the climate and the environment. The GPE Group takes, monitors and assesses measures for protection of resources and energy efficiency. By means of optimised production technology and processes,
we aim to use natural raw materials responsibly, reduce emissions and keep negative impacts on people and the environment as low as possible.
In addition, we use organic materials from renewable resources.


For us, quality also means environmental protection. The latter begins as early as the selection of the material and continues through
all production processes:


  • Recycling of production wastes
  • The most modern waste management schemes (waste separation system, reduction of disposal costs, disposal safety)
  • Detection and evaluation of dangerous substances


  • Energy management DIN EN ISO 50001 and environmental management DIN EN ISO 14001